Basic Course

Sound Research International’s Basic Course is designed to help the layperson or practitioner prepare for his or her own self-healthcare and start on the path to becoming a professional practitioner. Facilitated by Phoenix Isis, founder of Sound Research International and a world renown Rife practitioner, trainer, and Frequency Master, the Basic Course is ideal for individuals as well as clinics who wish to train their staff in these unique healing modalities.

The Basic Course includes 20-hours of personalized, hands-on training with supervised support, customized over a two to four day period (the number of days required to complete the training depends on prior skill, knowledge and dowsing abilities). Students enrolled in the Basic Course learn how to do an effective session through:

  • Assessing & rebalancing the imbalances of the human condition
  • The Dowsing Assessment Technique Process
  • Frequency Detection Protocol for accomplished dowsers
  • A comprehensive updated workbook
  • Home study curriculum
  • Written test & hands-on evaluation assessment
  • Educational materials & instructional aids
  • Secret lists of proven frequencies for rebalancing:  bio-functions, emotions, addictions, toxins & age reversal
  • Free Frequency manual with cross-referencing capabilities
  • Personalized evaluation for trainee included
  • Customized Frequency Program for trainee included

Students will also learn:

  • The potential toxins & hazards facing today’s health challenges & how to render them inactive
  • Necessary cleansing protocols & options
  • When & when not to do a session
  • How often sessions can be given
  • To determine the origin of the condition
  • How to monitor a session & signs to look for
  • The process to determine imbalanced conditions and verify your findings
  • To become familiar with the manual, where to find your needed frequency research
  • The process to determine the frequencies for each condition
  • The technique to identify needed frequencies not listed in the manuals & not normally available
  • About sweeps, pulsing and converge, if & when applicable
  • How to determine if the origins of the conditions are natural, manmade or chemical
  • How and when to test needed vitamins and correct intake
  • To create  “Personal Frequency Assessment Charts”
  • Showing the itemized body stresses based on the present energy imbalances
  • The needed frequencies for each imbalance
  • The needed time per frequency for each session
  • The initial pre-session “Benchmark System” for progress monitoring
  • How to reveal and chart each conditions’ frequency marker and the severity & priority of each condition
  • The total time layout, prioritized by severity of the imbalances
  • How to do dowsed “Monitored Sessions”
  • How to create and track “Progression Projections”
  • How to keep documental research and “Progress Reports”



For Serious Practitioners & Professionals

Custom tailored courses for Beginners

Now available in your own home

At your own pace with easy budgeted payments as you learn.


 Online course through Internet & Skype 

 Now available for beginners

Our original Skype training course was designed for professional practitioners and serious minded students, with internships, advanced study and certification options.

This course is still available.

 Because I have had many requests from interested beginners to learn an easier version with a lesser time commitment, I am now making available a simplified version and therefore adaptedto a more economic financial plan. This course still offers you the training basics to get you on your way to experiencing results from this amazing frequency healing technology.

This simplified beginner’s version has 3 options offered:

  • This basic multi-media online starter version
  • A customized starter version for those with special needs, knowledge or other considerations
  • Personalized Frequency Evaluation Charts for initial direct implementation


Please fill out the following information checklist to help determine how I might best serve your health, healing and learning needs. Fees for beginners determined by the information provided:


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 *Live Courses Available only Upon Request!!

Group class, $850 per person, paid in advance.

One-on-one training, $1,000 per person, paid in advance. If on-site training is requested at your clinic or home, travel expenses, accommodations, and a per diem fee will be charged in addition. Please contact us for more details.

 Additional Training

Upon completion of the Basic Course, students will be eligible to participate in Sound Research International’s Internship program. Interns will receive deeper learning, hands-on training, clinic hours with supervision. Learn more here.



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