Rife Basic Course Segments


$150 per segment



#1: Intro information, Kinesiology (dowsing skill set) & Cleansing Procedures

  • Rife Technology Introduction: Science & History of Technology & Healing Applications
  • Dowsing & Pendulum Basic instruction: Practice support, clearing for correct response and application techniques as a diagnostic tool
  • Elements for successful Healing & Proper Cleansing Procedure

#2: Intake Assessment History Form

  • Initial Intake Process
  • Intake Information with Client Review
  • What to look for ?
  • Finding & Addressing Root Cause/s
  • Chronic & Acute Conditions
  • Emotional Programs
  • With All Toxins Considered
  • Medications Check & Clients Investigation
  • Addressing the Most Common Conditions
  • Parasites, their stages and proper frequency protocol
  • Pleomorphism and the Inner & Outer Bio-Environmental Terrain Influences


#3: Initial Assessment Process Protocol

  • Pulse & Sweeps and when to use them
  • Special session situations: the fragile, elderly, children & animals
  • Charting process
  • How to use the kinesiology to find the needed information
  • Using the manuals optimally
  • Dowsing for correct conditions
  • Dowsing for correct frequencies
  • Creating clients baseline: Benchmarks & severity levels prior to sessions
  • Prioritize
  • Cross Referencing Possibilities: both positive & negative effects
  • Determining time per frequency

#4: Session Process & Protocol

  • Checking foundational body systems and issues needed
  • Pre session supplementation
  • Checking for clients readiness
  • Proper tube placement
  • Prior frequency check list
  • Signs along the way to watch for
  • Additional supplemental support when needed
  • Determining safe maximum session time per session
  • Finding needed frequencies not available in manuals
  • Customized post session review: applicable instructions or cleansing review
  • Determining customized follow up session schedule for upcoming sessions
  • Determining projected needed sessions for recovery


#5: Conditions Western Medicine has NO Cures

(Successful with Rife Therapy!)

  • Man made diseases
  • Epidemics & Pandemics
  • Mycoplasma
  • Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Autism & Asperger’s, ADD etc.
  • Leaky Gut Connection
  • Pesticides & Herbicide Contamination
  • Nuclear Radiation Contamination
  • Recent Innovative Important Discoveries

#6: Progress Documentation

  • Client progress tracking verification documentation
  • Progress projection
  • Outside verification options & medical trials
  • A cancer peak at using Rife Therapy
  • Advanced knowledge & Healing Secrets




Full Basic Course for Professionals

Price $900

Space is limited, (for your optimal personalized support.)

Payments will be invoiced to you through PayPal, prior to each learning segment.

If you find you need more time just let me know, and we can try to customize the segment flow

for your learning pace.

I am offering a $100 discount: if you choose to prepay the total course of $800 in advance.)

Previous trainees retaking the Basic Course Online $450 (materials not included)




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