· Destruction of Targeted Micro-Organisms (PANDEMICS) (viruses, bacteria and parasites).

Specific frequencies are used to induce sympathetic resonance at the resonant frequency of the pathogen targeted. This literally explodes the target without harming healthy tissue that is not targeted. The insides of a the targeted organism will become dysfunctional before outer cellular wall ruptures. Sometimes the nutrient pump will over pressurize the internal cavity, causing the outer cell wall to rupture first. This is all accomplished without influencing non-targeted cells. the "mortal oscillatory frequency rate targets and explodes viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, tumors, and calcium deposits, etc. By exposing disease-causing organisms to the proper frequencies, viruses and bacteria can be eliminated by the millions, leaving healthy tissue unharmed. Validated by decades of research, this technology can be used on pathogens and other metabolic deficiencies like:

* Influenzas & Infections: Viral & Bacteria *Arthritis * Fungus * Lyme Disease

* Allergies * Memory Loss * Herpes * Fibromyalgia * Chronic Fatigue * Parasites

* Candida * Migraines * Depression * Infections * Kidney & Liver Conditions, and most other conditions.

The list went on, as Rife watched under his microscope in the 1930's, making notes as to what pathogens were being affected by what MOR. These notes of Mr. Rife became the medical frequency manuals used today and updated every year by ongoing research worldwide, helping to heal individuals who are guided to this amazing healing therapy.

· Turbo Charging the immune System.

Besides destroying micro-organisms directly, frequencies can be used to stimulate the immune system and thereby destroying micro-organisms with the support of the body's own defense mechanism...the immune system. By using a frequency to target white blood cells, the body reacts with a homeopathic response to produce a lot more white blood cells. This makes them a lot stronger to create a powerful immune boost. In addition, portions of the immune system, such as the thymus, can be targeted for stimulation to be much more active and dramatically increase their output.

· Detoxing the Body by removing impurities (pulverizes toxic debris for elimination).

Detoxifying frequencies shake loose the toxic debris from their storage locations and vibrate them into minute particles easily removed by the liver, kidneys, blood and lymph system.

(Please see Proper Cleansing Procedure)

· Stimulating Regeneration by increasing cellular activity (rebuilding thru intentional sympathetic resonance).

Special regenerative frequencies are used to stimulate rapid growth five to ten times faster than normal, to repair broken bones, torn tissue and other damaged body parts that need repair.

· Rejuvenating (thru stimulating body tissue, rebuilding DNA and reactivating cellular memory).

Internal body parts can each be stimulated with their own optimal natural resonant frequency to work, rebuild and repair faster. The internal mechanism frequencies are targeted to increase cellular metabolism to improve their function without causing cellular disintegration. It will regenerate cells, nerves, organs, bones, muscles, and tissue 5 to 10 times faster than normal!, and building up the immune system, as well as stimulating the thyroid, pancreas, the adrenals or other applicable organs.

· Eliminating Addictions by rebalancing the body's energy fields (add specific nutrition, emotional core release work and cleansing for comprehensive mind and body restoration).

Since the plasma tubes operate in the fifth dimensional energy domain, they are able to affect the body's energy fields directly. There are frequencies for alcoholism, tobacco addiction, cocaine, morphine and many others that are used to correct these energy field imbalances. The application is painless, unlike acupuncture, and the effect is immediate. There is even a frequency that increases the body's aura that can be seen in a kirelian photograph.

· Balancing & Normalizing Emotions (through harmonic sympathetic resonance of targeted emotional frequencies).

There are healing frequencies for all aspects of the feeling body. Targeted emotions are called into harmonic realignment for their optimum placement to reconnect, balance and normalize emotional function. Eliminating worry, sadness, depression, emotional pain and trauma into a state of peace and tranquility without any form of medications or harmful drugs. Transforming the vibration of fear and anxiety into a state of peace and relaxation within moments. There are frequencies that address and quickly correct the complete range of emotional imbalances.

· Connecting Brain Synapses (for emotional & neurological pathway healing).

This is especially important for neurological diseases when reconnecting is needed to restore bodily functions. This is accomplished by using the specific frequencies that stimulate growth of the neurological connective tissues in the brain. Years of insomnia are often remedied in only a few applications.

· Age Reversal (a vibrational "fountain of youth" for mind, body & spirit).

When body parts are rejuvenated and stimulated to function optimally, the mind is sharpened and the emotions balanced, and then age reversal is a reality.