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This technology has proven successful for over 70 years of availability, through medical science studies and documentation of his work by the top medical journals, including the Smithsonian, American and English Journals of Medicine. Rife’s research was originally funded, and supported by Milbank Johnson, president of the American Medical Association in the early 1930’s. After […]

“Destroys micro-organisms” such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold, yeast etc. Dissolves abnormal growths such as tumors, cysts, kidney & liver stones, warts etc. Oscillates to remove heavy metals such as lead, mercury aluminum etc. Shakes free various toxins from body’s organs muscles, bones and blood; toxins such as pesticides, herbicides, aspartame, and other poisonous substances. […]

The assessment process is very comprehensive and you will receive a very clear overview of exactly what is going on with your body, and the root causes. I will also let you know how severe each problem is and will offer you a chart for the speed healing of each problem.

If you wish to also have a session to actually treat the health issues then I can usually do both at once. You will need to save an hour and a half for the complete process, and maybe a bit more for questions and answers.

For those that feel some noticeable discomfort prior to beginning the therapy, then anywhere from 10-minutes to an hour and a half to normally feel a recognizable difference. Nine out of every ten clients feel at least a 50-100% noticeable improvement each session.

I can tell you more regarding an estimate of how many sessions you will need after I have done your assessment and your first session.

Normally within an average of anywhere from one to four or sometimes five sessions per condition would be needed.

I have seen results in anywhere from one session, to as many as 3 to 4 months of ongoing needed treatments in such chronic cases as diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease etc., or in cases of regeneration which is a often longer process. It is usually suggested for those clients to purchase their own units.

Often three, four or five conditions can be addressed within the same session, including emotional issues and physical ones.

You will only need to do the cleansing following the treatment if we are working on things that will be blowing up viruses, bacteria, infections, tumors toxins etc. If we are doing things for building, normalizing, stimulating, regenerating, rejuvenating or emotional frequencies ..then no cleanse is normally needed. Please review our Cleansing Procedure.

You just hold these touch sensitive light plasma tubes and they get warm. There will be no discomfort. Just sit back and relax. It is also possible to lie down if requested. After the initial consultation and interaction with the practitioner, it is possible to sit and read, study, watch a movie, work on your computer, […]

What is actually happening is that your body is becoming a live tuning fork vibrating at the frequency that I’m programming into the computer, that generates the specific resonance, or MOR (mortal oscillatory rate) frequencies into your body needed for your specific conditions, to rebalance the imbalances.

This therapy is non invasive and non toxic with no discomfort or harmful side effects, only many goods ones! Most clients feel multiple improvements each session – and in many beneficial ways.

It’s quantum physics, known as “Sympathetic Resonance” Everything is frequency…. balancing the imbalances through targeted vibration.

If used correctly, normally only multiple beneficial healing effects are experienced. The “Computerized Ray Tube” only broadcasts within the healing range of radio frequencies hertz.  No one has ever been harmed by this machine when used properly. It is strongly recommended to have an experienced frequency practitioner oversee your sessions, to insure you have the […]