Healing Applications

(Acute & Chronic Conditions)

· Age-reversal protocols for turning back the clock for the ageless experience

· Agricultural

· Alcohol & Drug abuse recovery support; Rebalancing emotional & physical functions for all addictions

· Bladder, Urinary & Prostrate issues

· Cancer & symptom relief, chemo side effects

· Candida, Fungus Molds & Yeast

· Colonic Therapist offering: Parasitic Maladies, colon issues

· Compulsive Disorders

· Chemtrail symptoms

· Dental and Periodontal Issues, for dentists or for self healing (nerve and gum regeneration,

no need for root canals!) Dermalogical

· Detoxification

· Environmental Diseases; and Allergy relief & elimination

· Food Sanitation

· Gastrointestinal Problems

· Geriatrics: offering care for the elderly

· Heart Disease

· Heavy Metals & Various Kinds of Toxic Removal

· Hospice comfort: Making loved ones at peace and comfortable in their transition

· Infections remedied without antibiotics

· Lyme Disease and otherwise other normally "incurable diseases" (by western standards)

· Men's Hormonal balance & Sexuality issues: despondence & function

· Nervous System & Brain Disorders

· Neurological & Mental Function (connects the synapses)

· Organ healing and regeneration

· Pain Relief: Emotional & Physical

· PANDEMICS Influenza's & Epidemiological (Viral & Bacterial)

· Pediatrics, safe for Children and beneficial

· Pesticide & Herbicide Removal

· Psychological:

       - Emotional & Psychology

· Rejuvenating, Normalizing, Balancing & Stimulating the healing in the body, mind & spirit

· Regeneration & Physiotherapy

· Respiratory Conditions

· Sports Medicine: Speedy recovery

· Skin Conditions

· Stroke and Paralysis recovery

· Surgeries & Cosmetic Surgeries: rapid & painless recovery

· Venereal Diseases: Herpes Elimination etc.

· Veterinary & Livestock

· Weight Loss (Candida Albicans elimination, and the associated sugar and yeast addictions,

thyroid & hormonal re balancing and emotional components of compulsive eating disorders)

· Woman's Hormonal balance & Sexuality issues: despondence & function

For optimum results, (Recommendations:) See "Services Offered" for more information regarding:

"Customized Frequency Programs" tailored for your specific needs by a qualified practitioner,"

and "Proper Training" is recommended for those seeking self sufficiency. (Information available)