Initial Assessments

Client Evaluation

All treatments begin with an initial assessment of your health condition. This involves evaluating:

  • The symptoms of the various conditions
  • The possible root cause of the health issues and conditions
  • Beneficial dietary alterations and needed changes
  • The potential cleansing follow-up protocol and options thereof
  • Other applicable and necessary health educational information
  • A client health history form

The Scanning Process

Based on a review of the client’s health history, physical and emotional conditions are determined through an energetic scanning process called “kinesiology.” Referencing five various frequency manuals represented by specific energetic frequencies listed in “hertz,” bio-systems are checked for imbalances and corrective measures identified.

Once the scanning process is complete, we formulate an Assessment Chart that lists:

  • The current frequencies of each condition is determined
  • The initial severity of each condition is determined
  • The root cause is determined and addressed
  • Priorities are evaluated and determined and addressed
  • Initial markers are established to determine on-going results and comparisons:


Benchmarks reveal the severity of each condition determined from the Initial Assessment process. This benchmark method is also used for the update process, comparing ongoing tracking of the results and progress made. As sessions progress observe your personalized chart updates as the benchmark numbers go down, down, down until each reach 0, showing that condition no longer needs to be addressed, and you experience for yourself the healing result!

Note: Sample Excel Spreadsheet

This benchmark system is also used in correlation to specific frequencies listed for targeted condition.

Frequencies are identified on scale of 0 to 500+. The frequency benchmarks of the severity of each condition is as follows:

# 0 = Beginning baseline = No Problem

20 = Issue just becoming symptomatic

90 -130 = Average problem that needs addressing

300+ = More serious problem, or something you’ve had possibly half your life

500+ = A severe imbalance &/or a condition you have had most of your life