Rife Technology

In the early 1930s the brilliant scientist and medical researcher Royal Raymond Rife invented a unique microscope called the Universal Microscope. He was able to magnify live viruses thousands of times more than ever before, and he found that every virus had its own image, its own unique color, and its own frequency. He noticed that when he broadcast a particular frequency at a particular virus, the inner body of the virus dissolved. The vibration then caused the cell wall to break open and explode the pathogen (any microorganism capable of producing disease) into the bloodstream.


An Incredible Medical Breakthrough!

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It also became apparent that healthy cells were not affected at all. These unique frequencies were called the Mortal Oscillation Rate, or MOR, which means the death frequency. When broadcasting the proper MOR with his frequency generator, one of two things would happen: either the frequency would explode viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, tumors, and calcium deposits, or it would regenerate cells, such as bone, muscle, and tissue five to ten times faster than normal. This method could clean the kidneys and blood, build up the immune system, and stimulate the thyroid or adrenals. The list went on, as Rife watched under his microscope.

Rife made notes as to what pathogens were being affected by what MOR. These notes of Mr. Rife became the medical frequency manuals used today. This manual is updated every year by ongoing research worldwide, helping to heal individuals who are guided to this amazing healing therapy.

Anecdotal evidence has shown that as many as nine out of ten patients not only feel a 50% to 100% improvement after each session, but also seem to have an overwhelming sense of well-being. In addition, no one has ever been harmed by this technology in sixty-five years. Only beneficial side effects occur. This strange phenomenon is due to the fact that there are a special group of frequencies, measured in hertz, that not only effect a particular ailment or symptom, but also have the ability to heal a vast multitude of conditions.

Frequency healing technology has been practiced and been evolving since the ancient Egyptians. This science has found its way into the most futuristic inventions from microscopes and lasers to the space programs of NASA.

Research on sound and light therapy proves that frequency actually changes physical matter.

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Everything has its own frequency signature or fingerprint, every living thing, every cell, even every thought. Positive thoughts have a high frequency, and negative thoughts have such a low frequency that ongoing chronic negative thinking can eventually cause self-created illness and even accelerate the death process. The healing power of frequency profoundly affects the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. People worldwide have been suffering and dying needlessly. Why you might ask would such a thing be kept from the attention of the people? Why? Because it works