Sympathetic Resonance


When an object is vibrating at it’s own natural resonant frequency as a result of an external influence, then it is vibrating in sympathy with the external influence that is causing it to vibrate and is in sympathetic resonance. This principle of Sympathetic Resonance is used to vibrate micro organisms in the body with special frequency generating devices, such as in the BCX411 Ray Tube products. When they are vibrating in sympathetic resonance with the frequency delivered by the plasma tubes, they transmit an energy wave that is caused by the movement of their own vibration. This energy wave bucks the energy wave coming from the tubes because it is at exactly the same phase and frequency as what the tubes are delivering because it is the energy from the tubes that is causing them to vibrate. So, this energy wave from the micro organisms in sympathetic resonance with the energy from the plasma tubes is transmitted back into the tubes to become part of the output energy of the tubes. As a result, the tubes don’t deliver as much power because not all of the output power is needed to deliver full output to the micro organisms because some of it comes from the resonating micro organisms, themselves.

And, when the tubes don’t deliver as much power, they don’t get as hot as they do when the targeted micro organisms are destroyed. So, when the target is destroyed by the severe vibration of the resonance, the tubes get hotter because nothing is in resonance anymore and the tubes deliver more energy. Hotter tubes have, therefore, been used to indicate when a frequency is no longer needed. This has been verified in actual practice and found to be valid. The tube temperature will stabilize at a lower temperature, then rise to a higher temperature when resonating micro organisms have been eliminated.

This phenomenon is well recognized in electronics and is known as “series resonance”. A small voltage input at the natural resonant frequency of the circuit results in a large voltage at the oscillating components. With the Ray Tube products, a small molecular motion in the plasma tubes at the natural resonant frequency of the targeted organisms results in a large molecular motion in the organisms that vibrate in sympathetic resonance.

The aforementioned only applies when addressing resonant mechanisms being destroyed by the frequency energy. When using the Ray Tube products for other things like tissue rejuvenation, addictions and emotional issues, the plasma tubes will warm up to a stabilized temperature relatively quickly and stay there. You might have to turn down the amplitude if they become uncomfortable. The point is that the temperature will not increase when the frequency is not needed anymore because you are not destroying micro organisms whose micro-motion causes feedback into the tubes, bucking energy output and reducing the tube temperature. So, the tube temperatures will stabilize at a higher level and you can continue running, although at a reduced amplitude, if desired. Jeff Morency, Ph.D. 1/5/15

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