Here’s what people are saying about Phoenix Isis and Sound Research International

“I am a microscopist offering clients blood cell analysis. I work with evaluating various illnesses.Regarding my flu symptoms: I just wanted you to know I am feeling terrific this morning thanks to your help.  My body was zooming throughout the night, which showed me the energy was opening up.  The joints are not sore and my mood is significantly uplifted.Most important…I feel energetic. (I have been down for months!) Thank you.”

– Raye H.

“For almost a year I had the good fortune to know Phoenix and her Rife machine technology, I was suffering from breast cancer (a 3 inch diameter hard malignant lump.) I had previously been diagnosed and received a chemo-therapy treatment that may have somehow helped me a bit, but my immune system was weakened and I felt very bad. Then Phoenix appeared in my life just in time with the help of her machine and her Rife expertise.

From the first moment on the machine I felt a healing effectiveness within me, both physical and emotional. I never continued my chemo and now 3 months later my tests show that I have no cell carcinogenic traces and the tumor disappeared, I thank God for this wonderful technology, and my dear friend Phoenix.”

– Heyra A.

“Yes, I feel so much better – like the flu is completely gone! AMAZING – this Rife is (and YOU, of course). After my session with you on the machine, I went to bed with a fever and chills, but it broke in the night. I had a colon cleanse last night, so I’m good to go.

Phoenix, a local healer, came over and gave me a frequency treatment on her RIFE machine, specifically targeted for various flu viruses and respiratory infection, of which I was severely compromised. Well, 90 minutes of therapy followed by a coffee enema, has appeared to almost completely eradicate the distressing symptoms. I did not notice a radical change right away, but when I woke this morning – WOW – I can breathe again! Antibiotics would take a full week or ten days to do this, and they never get rid of it. This is what I’ve been dealing with the last two years, repeated flus every 3 months or so.

As she puts it, the Rife technology actually eradicates the micro-organisms (through vibrational resonance) And Rife therapy actually alleviates the cause of the illness. Way COOL! I would recommend her for treatment, she is a specialist in her field.”

– Jack C.

I felt to share my own experience with Phoenix and this frequency healing technology therapy.I had a liver problem for now about 6 years onwards. So painful I sometimes even woke up at night in pain just because I need to turn side. I tried everything. Phoenix says she ALWAYS gets results. I did not believe it at first but gave it a go, besides frequencies are frequencies no matter what.

Now after a few sessions the pain dropped down to almost nothing. One more session and all flukes are dead. This stuff works – I’m now a believer. It is VERY rare I recommend anything out there, as there is a lot of crap on the market. I tried it all. This works.

I even got another woman on the phone who had similar liver problems as me. She could not stop raving about her results with Phoenix. I also met another one of Phoenix’s clients who cleared her flu in 1 hour on the machine! I’m meeting more and more who gets results. I WANT ONE !!!

I don’t believe in promoting anything unless it kicks ass. Well I can say the device does what she says it does. I’m going to buy one and learn how to use it myself and become more self-sufficient.  I wish I knew about this long ago. The plasma rods are way different than all the zappers I bought. I could have bought this device 5 times for all the money I wasted. Going RAW really supports the process. Anyway I’ve been around the block and I rarely get excited about these things., but I’m feeling great and felt like sharing.”

– Josh P.

“This is to acknowledge the assistance of the cure and recovery of Perry who was diagnosed four months ago with congestive heart failure, enlarged heart, a 3/4 inch mass in the lungs warranting biopsy, numerous blood clots in legs and the lungs and emphysema. Warranting 3-6 months of ongoing blood thinner drugs, ephemera, warranting ongoing lung opening drugs. All which he has refused or has ceased to do. He was hospitalized for ten days at that time. He was unable to walk or breathe normally for a month after the occurrence.

Today, he is given a completely clean bill of health. He has now had a second cat scan, all sound studies, blood studies, heart and lung x-rays to indicate that all conditions that were tested positive for four months ago are now negative.

We thank you in assisting us and for your positive sent energies toward us. We would like to acknowledge first of all, Phoenix Isis for her frequency machine and for giving us the correct frequencies to dissolve tumors. PS: Please contact me if you would like more information.”

– Kay & Perry S.

“I purchased a BCX411 Computerized Ray Tube from Harmonic Research with the Transmitter attachment for my poliomyelitis. I wasn’t sure it would help, but nothing else has. It wasn’t very expensive compared to doctor bills and medication that wasn’t working, anyway.  The doctors gave me six months to a year to live. They can track the disease progress and could see that I was getting worse with every test. So, I set the machine on one side of my living room with the transmitter facing my chair on the other side.  My wife programmed in the poliomyelitis frequencies from the frequency manual and I ran the program every evening while reading the paper.  The next test showed significant improvement and my doctor was very surprised, since he had never seen anyone have a “spontaneous remission” like that, before.  That was three years, ago. I’m doing fine, now.”

– Don

“I have had my Rife machine for over six months now and I just want to tell you of the really GREAT response I have had. First of all I am now parasite free. That alone has given me additional energy and physical ease. But that is not the biggest “win” I have had. Second of all I have just reversed the threat of an impending root canal on no less than 3 molars. I am 63 years old and several years ago I had periodontal disease. I went through the procedures and at that time my dentist said that I might ultimately lose several teeth.

I NEVER had to go through a root canal procedure and did not “cotton” to the thought of having one so took extremely good care of my teeth. However, several molars deteriorated over the years and finally I was having the tell-tale signs of impending dental doom.  My molars would react to both heat and cold and then the pain would stop when I stopped drinking or eating whatever ‘set them off.’

After consulting with you, I used the frequencies you suggested and ALMOST IMMEDIATELY the pain subsided. That is NOT to say that I am out of the woods nor that I will stop the procedures.  What it DOES tell me is that the nerves in these teeth are regain strength and I WILL BEAT THIS PROBLEM.  Every day my teeth feel a little better. Bless you for the work you do and the hope you have given me by helping me regain the NATURAL healthy state my body desires.”

– Lee P



My journey with Phoenix began when I spoke with a woman who had just begun working with her and was seeing incredible results!

While she and I have not been working together for long, I also am seeing major changes in my health.

I have worked with many, many healthcare professionals over the years . I find that Phoenix is the most dedicated, let alone caring person I have encountered to date.

She has a mission and that is to help people. She truly wants to be instrumental in assisting people get well with her amazing skills and technology !

I would recommend her to anyone seeking a solution to their health problems. Rarely does the opportunity come along!

Ann K.