Sound Research International Internships are available to anyone who has successfully completed our Basic Course and is interested in furthering his or her education and certification. Designed for dowsers and professional practitioners, Internships are an opportunity to train directly with master intuitive and frequency practitioner and dowser, Phoenix Isis and learn the advanced practices of assessments, dowsing, and the questions to ask in order to achieve effective sessions.

Internships support hands-on clinic hours and interns are expected to provide their own clients to work on. This can be family or friends or clients from an existing practice who are interested in comprehensive assessments in a training environment.

Interns will first observe Ms. Isis as she performs the initial assessments and sessions with clients. From there, Interns will have the opportunity to step in for hands-on practice and guided critiques. Students must pass a series of written, oral, and hands-on exams in order to achieve advanced degrees and/or specialist certifications in specific illnesses (e.g. cancer, Lyme disease, etc.).

Please contact us for details.