The Phoenix Principle

"The Ultimate Healing Technology"

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The "SOURCE" of Rejuvenation, Rebuilding & Rebirth for Mind, Body & Spirit


Everything in our world is either being torn down or built up, disintegrating or rejuvenating, dying or rebirthing. We now have a choice of which of these will control the health of our minds and our bodies. By using the PHOENIX PRINCIPLE we can choose to improve our attitudes, rejuvenate our bodies and rebuild our health to be reborn into a new way of living with a healthy mind in a healthy body.


The PHOENIX PRINCIPLE describes how targeted sympathetic resonant frequencies can assist the body in rebalancing chakras, replacing destructive attitudes, rejuvenating, rebuilding or replacing worn out or poorly functioning body parts and destroying disease causing micro organisms in the body.

We now have the technology to accomplish this, with modern twenty first century Hoyland equipment.

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Everything has its own natural resonant FREQUENCY signature and can be affected by external application of that FREQUENCY.....every emotion, every cell, every organ and every system in the body. We can target specific emotions, cells, organs or pathogens by sending that resonant frequency signature thru the body to stimulate it or destroy it with minute molecular motion. Also known as Rife Technology or "Sympathetic Resonance" in physics, it operates by inducing a secondary resonance with an intentionally directed vibrational frequency to affect biological organisms in a predictable, targeted manner.


The PHOENIX PRINCIPLE uses sympathetic resonance like Royal Raymond Rife did to cure Cancer using Richard Hoyland’s equipment. Now, 80 years later, we have twenty first century equipment and frequencies for every imaginable issue from rebalancing the mind to restoring health of the body.

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The Phoenix is a magnificent mythical bird which, according to the legend, would fly unto a fire to be purified by flames and become reborn out of its own ashes, leaping from its funeral pier into the light, reborn, renewed and gloriously a-new.