Rife Therapy Basic Training Course: March 7 – 15, 2015


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Dedicated to the ongoing research in the field of Acoustic Healing. Seeking to further expand the existing art of Sound Therapy Healthcare, and offer safe and effective results, as holistic educators in this ever-expanding harmonic genre.

Founder of Sound Research Technology International BIO-RESONANCE PRACTITIONER since 1997:

  • Studied holistic health for over 33 yrs. contributing to my abilities as a sound frequency practitioner
  • Established Sound Research Technology International & Health Resorts internationally
  •  Practitioner for the Football Association of the Caribbean on their sports medical team, treating professional soccer players for 2 yrs in Dominca Commonweath
  •  Bio Resonance practitioner at the top six alternative cancer hospitals in Tijuana, Mexico for 2 yr
  • Treated chronically ill patients
  • Trained doctors and nurses as Bio-Resonance practitioners
  •  Prominent speaker at the International Rife Conventions for four years, BC Canada
  • Owned a successful private practice seeing 15 clients per day in a Beverly Hills, CA in a Network Chiropractic office .
  • One of the few Rife practitioner trainers worldwide
  •  Recorded an instructional audio/video tape for Rife practitioners
  • Designed Rife training for accreditation for practitioners
  • Set up Cancer Clinic to treat serious cases in Quito, Ecuador
  • Treated the Indigenous tribe and the Shamans family members in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador
  • Sound Research Technology Inst. Project study for the “Veterinary & Livestock industry”
  • International promoter for Medical Frequency Devices for research and educational purposes
  • Designed improvements for 9 generations of frequency devices with the engineer

 Sound Research International & The Health Care Consultants Club

Presents “Bio Resonance Training”

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Phoenix Isis: Master Facilitator of Frequency Medicine, with 17 years experience
Optional: March 1st 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm   Dowsing Master & facilitator Hari Rivera
For new Kinesiology students, or Adepts in Kinesiology seeking an understanding of the scope of applications to their present practice
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Class #1 Two consecutive weekends
Saturday, March 7th & Sunday, March 8th 9am – 5:30pm
Saturday, March 14th & Sunday, March 15th 9 am – 5:30 pm
Class #2Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday – March 11th , 12th , 14th & 15th
The Basic Course includes 25 hours of instruction….Cost $850


  • Two days (4 hours total) refresher course in kinesiology with optional techniques offered (cost included in the total course fee)
  • A comprehensive updated Bio-Resonance Training workbook of extensive information
    Additional home pre training assignments
  • Promotional/educational materials with DVD; “Promo Packets” and instructional aids
  • Secret lists of proven frequencies for optimum results addressing: Rebalancing bio-functions, Emotions, Addictions and Age Reversal
  • Free Frequency Manual with cross referencing capabilities
  • Personalized Evaluation and “Your Customized Frequency Program”


  • Observe and learn from actual assessment, with internships available & advanced classes
  • Be observed and critiqued while doing actual assessments


  • What various potential toxins & hazards facing our life today, and how to treat them inactive.
  • Necessary cleansing protocols & options
  • When and when not to do a session
  • How often sessions can be given
  • To determine the origin of the condition
  • How to monitor a session and signs to look for
  • The process to determine imbalanced conditions and verify your findings
  • To become familiar with the manual, where to find your needed frequency research
  • The process to determine the frequencies for each condition
  • The technique to identify needed frequencies not listed in manuals, nor normally available
  • About sweeps, pulsing and converge, if and when applicable
  • How to determine if the origins of the conditions are natural, manmade or chemical
  • How to test needed vitamins and correct dosages based on the individuals frequencies
  • To create “Personal Assessment Chart”
  • Showing the itemized body stresses based on the present energy imbalances
  • The needed frequencies for each imbalance
  • The needed time per frequency for each session
  • The initial pre-session “benchmark” for each frequency reveling the severity & priority of each condition
  • A total time is laid out. Prioritized by severity of the imbalances
  • To create “Progression Projection Charts”, a 6 -8 week chart of needed frequencies based on the Personal Assessment Chart.
  • How to keep documental research and “Progress Reports”

Optional: Learn to do actual hands-on effective sessions yourself, while being monitored and critiqued. An opportunity to practice what you have learned with supervised support.Offered two evenings for 3 hours each evening. To be discussed if interested.

For more extensive training: call for details 805 633-0031 Phoenix for English, Wanda, for Spanish information at (939) 332-8869

  • Optional internship 3 days of clinical hands on observation and practice
  • Written and oral test as well as clinic practice with evaluation on assessments for interested graduate certification.